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We help young learners discover their superpowers

By working closely with experts, we offer innovative workshops and projects, creating an environment where active learning takes place.

Using Project-Based Learning & Design Thinking principles our projects help young learners gain 21st Century Skills, enabling them to thrive and succeed in the future world.

We are the bridge between the professional & the educational world, helping primary students discover their superpowers and equip them with the right tools to tackle real-life challenges.


Project-Based Learning

A teaching method in which students gain knowledge & skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate an engaging challenge.

21st Century Skills

A set of traits much needed in today's world and future economy, such as digital literacy, creativity, critical thinking collaboration & communication.

Design Thinking

A methodology used to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions through an action oriented mindset, creating a preferred future.

Are you an educator looking for tools and methods for your classroom? Are you interested in promoting digital skills, creative thinking, engaging students' natural curiosity and helping them develop the competencies & confidence they'll need in the future?

Contact us, we are happy to set up a plan for you.


Young learners naturally use their curiosity and creativity to explore, experiment, observe, and play. By combining Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking principles we create an environment for students to go on their own learning journey.


Using fun interactive edu products and with the emphasis on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication we invite young learners on a mission to create, play, remix & share.

With young learners we explore problems through play & creative tasks, developing ideas to share with the community.


Annemieke Frank

Design Thinking coach, community builder & communications manager; expert in gamification and researching educational trends.

Gosia Moszyk


Multilingual teacher, specialized in project-based-learning; coordinator of staff, after-school programs, and events within education.

Let us embark on a creative quest, encouraging open communication, a strong sense of collaboration and a critical approach towards rethinking education.

Curious and want to hear more about our quest?

Fellow EduHeroes 

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